By Zahra Huber

Did Miss Texas one up 50 Cent in the worst first pitch in baseball history?

Remember when 50 Cent threw out what was arguably the worst first pitch during the Mets game in May? Well, I think Miss Texas may have outdone him. Over the weekend, Monique Evans threw out the first pitch before the Rangers took on the Angels. And it was just bad. She even tried to do some ballet after tossing the ball. I don’t think that helped her very much.

Check out the video.


Katy Perry gets her nose pierced and posts a video of it on social media. The 29-year-old singer shocked her millions of fans on Friday when she posted the video on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This wasn’t Perry’s first time getting her nose pierced. Apparently, at the age of 13, she did it on her own with a safety pin and a cube of ice.

Yeah, that’s a big fat nope.

Watch the video.


Despite his personal battles, Robin Williams brought happiness to fans around the world.

We’re getting a look at a video that the late actor sent to a terminally ill New Zealand woman named Vivian Waller. The 21-year-old made a five-item bucket list, and one of them was to meet Williams before she became too sick to do so. Vivian’s husband Jack told the a newspaper that the video meant a lot to his wife.

Check out his video.


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