By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

I just found out the news…

Brian Hoyer has been named the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns.

Not that I have anything against the former Spartan, but I was hoping the job would go to Johnny Manziel from the start. I’m not a fan of the Browns and I couldn’t care less if they win or lose but I am a fan of their newly named second string QB.

Johnny Manziel is good for the NFL.

In a league that goes out of its way to stop the fun, Manziel is the one player that single handedly is trying to bring it back. After Manziel flipped off the Washington Redskins bench on Monday Night Football, all of America seemed to react with outrage. But I dug it.

We’ve all been there…

People give us grief and we react with an innocent middle finger. What’s the problem? The Washington players didn’t seem to care about the gesture and neither should you. If Manziel flipped them off, they must have said something worthy of such an honor.

But people do care. People are mad. How dare a football player in the heat of battle react in such a vulgar way?

Please get over yourselves! Do we have to be insulted by everything? Do we have to be so damn boring?

The NFL has already banned the throat slash, dunking on goal posts and now “Johnny middle finger” will have to pay a fine for his actions on Monday night. It’s ridiculous.

Maziel is arrogant and it rubs people the wrong way. Is that such a crime? Here is a guy that won the Heisman as a freshman and then has refused to act the way people think he should. He parties! He gets numerous hot chicks. He’s having fun and why the hell shouldn’t he? You would too if you were in his shoes.

The NFL wants every player to be the same. How boring is that. Manziel isn’t and he gets grief for it.

It’s funny to me that people are so offended by Manziel’s comments but then at the same time some of those people are calling for a veteran player to teach Johnny a lesson by pummeling him on the field.

So a guy words are worse than a possible cheap shots that could put him in his place? I think not.

The NFL is entertainment. Let’s act that way.

I loved Richard Sherman’s post NFC championship game rant and I love Manziel’s flipping of the bird. I like trash talking, I like fun and I know the NFL doesn’t but they should.

Manziel acted like a human being on Monday night. Stop making it more than it is.

Now if you excuse me, somebody just cut me off. I need my hands for something other than writing this blog!!!


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