You know what’s worse than sending home a big target in the Big Brother House? Having them sent to jury, to then find out they’ve got another shot at competing almost making the week you’ve planned a wash…”ZING” Here’s hoping this comes to fruition as it’s apparently clear who the target is this week and it isn’t Victoria. Slowly but surely as the number’s dwindle it’s becoming apparent who the real saboteur is, but the saboteur has been playing the game since day one. Little do the other houseguests know is that it may just be a little too late until they find out who it really is. For Zach it’s just a little too late and Donny is just outnumbered by Derrick’s alliance. Time to break down and recap last night’s episode!

Donny Sees Thru Derrick

It’s about time Donny started realizing that Derrick was, in his own words, “blowed up smoke on everyone’s tail this whole season.” While Derrick was trying to reassure Donny that he wasn’t the target and glad he was safe. But Donny is no “country bumpkin” and just continues to prove Donny is a super fan as well as a genuine guy. He may be playing a game with no alliance continues to prove Donny is America’s favorite houseguest this season. Derrick needs to check himself before he gets too cocky with his social game power. Derrick may be holding power over Frankie this week but sooner or later Derrick’s game will be exposed. That’s the only reason why he would keep Victoria and Cody here over Caleb or Zach. However Derrick trying to convince Frankie without exposing “his hand.”

Donny tries to make an ally out of Zach, which has been a long time coming in my opinion because it would be a duo that wouldn’t have been suspected. Donny is very aware of his surroundings and planting the seed in Zach that his alliance is against him. We’re then pulled to a segment with Zach immediately talking to Frankie about “worst case scenarios,” and Zach trying to read Frankie on whether he’ll get put up or not. Zach knows he’s made waves but it’s only a matter of time when those waves come crashing down on him.

A POV Zingervention with Kathy Griffin

Zingbot 3000 made his triumphant return to the Big Brother house. However something was wrong because Zingbot 3000 was giving “props” instead of “zings” on the houseguests. Then the doorbell rang for the Big Brother House and enters two-time Emmy & Grammy winning comedienne Kathy Griffin immediately informing the houseguests Zingbot 3000 needed to be fixed. However the POV didn’t start without some “zings,” dished out by Kathy Griffin herself since Zingbot 3000 was only giving “props.” The “zings” were great and none of the houseguests saw them coming. Not even Victoria with her lackluster game play this entire season. I guess some floaters don’t realize they’re only being brought along for their weak game play.

During the POV the majority of the house wanted anyone but Donny to win POV. Donny made a great “zing” for himself in saying if he would win the POV he’d let candy decide the fate of the next houseguest to be the replacement nominee. So in order to fix ZingBot 3000 the houseguests had to rewire him. Cody and Victoria were struggling, while Donny, Frankie and Caleb were leading the pack. It was down to the wire (literally) between Frankie and Caleb to win the POV. In the end it was the HOH himself Frankie winning the competition and proclaiming he did it “for the gays,” as well as wanting to have Kathy Griffin put the POV around his neck.

Team America & A Saboteur

So team America’s mission was to take personal belongings from each of the houseguests and start a neighborhood watch that goes for 24 hours. I found it surprising they switched Cody’s item from his Rutgers hoodie to Hayden’s blue hat when they had previously talked about what items to take. One by one we’re shown clips of items Team America took from houseguests. I wanted to see when Team America had the chance to get Zach’s gator shirt since he wore that shirt all the time. But soon enough Cody started to realize his hat was missing and Caleb was missing his cowboy boots (another item changed from an earlier discussion) began Big Brother Neighborhood watch. With an alleged thief in the house all fingers were being pointed to Zach, since he made a lot of waves and mischief in the house. Continuing with the first mission task being accomplished where Zach was related to Amanda Zuckerman last season, it was clear that the houseguests assumed a “twist” in this season was a saboteur. That saboteur was none other than Zach.

Poor Zach now being the houseguests public enemy number one for taking all of the houseguests personal items it didn’t help that he was in the diary room when Caleb and Cody found the items in the storage room in the recycling bin. With the saboteur idea being planted in all the houseguests mind, Derrick quickly used that opportunity to convince Frankie that Zach would be the better target. So America it’s our own fault for getting Zach nominated as the replacement since America continued to give people in our “supposed” alliance tasks that will help their game by exposing threats in the house, but the threats in the house our people in our alliance, Frankie and Derrick. However it’s a double edge sword because Donny would have had to evict Jocasta a previous week but didn’t because it was affect his game. With that in mind the Team America twist is a bust and hoping next year’s twist(s) will be more creative and game changing.

My Prediction for Eviction, Jury Member Reentering & HOH

With an unfortunate unanimous vote to send Zach to jury, it may just be a waste of a HOH week for Frankie with the “twist” of a returning jury member reentering the game. However I don’t think Big Brother would make it that easy for a jury member to return and hope the twist will be a jury member will have to win HOH competition. But it was stated that a jury member would be returning so my theory could be proven wrong. So if a jury member were to return hoping it will be anyone but Jocasta. However as much as I love our Michigander Nicole, I believe she wouldn’t stand a chance with the guys in the house because trying to solely rely on her best friend Christine and Donny against Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick is a big feat. Hayden would be another great option because it would be helping Donny, but I worry that he’ll only try and get Frankie or Christine out when the target should be both Frankie and Derrick. Jocasta isn’t a great choice because she’s just as bad as Victoria, no game play and is disposable to all the houseguests. Again I say that it may just be a waste of a HOH week for Frankie if Zach reenters the Big Brother house because then Zach’s targets are Frankie and Derrick.

As for who will win HOH this next week, it will be a matter of who will last the longest in an endurance competition. Or another theory of mine is that we won’t even see who becomes HOH this week because they’ll use the endurance competition as not the HOH competition but for the jury member to reenter the game, then the HOH competition being a trivia or puzzle game in a knockout style competition. But again I’m theorizing. I do predict that Donny will be the next HOH, it’s crucial for his game to win and if he doesn’t win he can just assume he’ll be put up on the block.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit for the Live Eviction to see Zach or Cody head to jury only to be told by Julie Chen that a jury member will return. Then find out which jury member is brought back in the game and who becomes the next HOH. I wonder if we’ll get a special guest tonight with Julie like we did last week with Big Brother Alum Rachel Reilly or if we’ll see a segment from a houseguests family talking about their loved one’s game play in the house. We’ll just have to tune in tonight find out!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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