By: Evan Jankens

If you are a big time fan of college football — you know that you can buy a new jersey every year with the star player’s number.

In the case of the University of Michigan that jersey and number, this year, are 98. Not for Tom Harmon but for their starting QB Devin Gardner.

Even though you won’t see a name on the back of the jersey – you know whose jersey you are buying. By NCAA rules players can’t benefit from any of these sales, but boy does the university. put out a study on the amount of uniforms that are being sold using the players number.

Oregon leads the list with selling 25 different uniforms using their star QB’s (Marcus Mariota) number 8.

Right behind Orgeon is Michigan and here is what ESPN had to say about it:

Michigan offers 17 different versions, in blue and white, in infant, youth, toddler, women’s and men’s cut, of No. 98, worn by its quarterback Devin Gardner.

The argument has been the kids should make something off these uniforms since the school makes so much off of them but the NCAA won’t allow it.

Don’t forget Michigan is marketing a new jersey that dons Gardner’s number as well.

Should players be able to cash in off their own jersey or should the school get all the money since the people are buying the jersey identifying the school?


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