Last night’s episode seems to continue to solidify Donny’s fate in the Big Brother house this week. There was an emergency scare and even a “play” being performed. Our Michigander Nicole and America’s Favorite Groundskeeper Donny were both nominated for eviction with the only hope to ensure their safety for the week was to win the POV. Coming this fall to CBS, Scorpion was highlighted in last night’s episode as well hopefully peaking some interest from viewers. Cody’s reign as HOH seemed very promising, however with so many “super fans” in the house it seems to be very predictable with game strategy and not wanting to “make the first move.” Let me break down and recap last night’s episode for you!

Victoria’s Medical Emergency

Surprisingly Victoria got a lot more airtime this episode. It’s no surprise this floater has lasted this long. However something was how much in pain Victoria was in with her wisdom teeth coming in. Nobody wants to be in pain and when Victoria entered the bathroom there was a loud crash. Nicole was nearby and checked on her, which lead to a visit from the medic. It’s rare to see a medical emergency happen on the show but luckily the production crew was ready. Although this was scary to see unfold, it reminds us as viewers the houseguests are not immune to health issues and bringing a game to a slight pause making sure a fellow houseguests was ok. However Frankie brings it back into game perspective wanting to make sure that his favorite “floater” would be ok so he and his alliance can continue to use her for their game play, a bit sadistic but not surprising to hear.

Cody Outwits The Competition

The POV was very important to both Donny and Nicole making sure either one of them would win in the hopes of guaranteeing safety to one of them. Christine, a self described, “super fan,” realized one competition that had yet to be done was the “Stay/Fold,” aka counting competition and knew it would happen soon. Before even knowing what the competition would be Christine, Frankie and Derrick were all selected to compete. A strategy was set in place where Frankie would “stay,” and hopefully get Nicole and Donny out of the competition, while the others would fold. Once seeing the backyard, was filled with multiple items it was predicted correctly that it was the “Stay/Fold,” competition. Not only would the houseguest who wins POV have the power to take down one of the nominees but also get the opportunity to see with two other houseguests a special screening of an episode of the upcoming new CBS series, Scorpion, premiering on Monday, Sept 22 at 9pm.

In the first round, it seemed like everyone’s guesses for the first item were close except for Christine. Nicole was suspicious of the number thinking she was trying to throw the competition. With the plan set, Derrick, Christine and Cody all folded while Frankie stayed. Meanwhile Nicole also folded and Donny decided to stay as well. However a confident Frankie was sure he was great with numbers and could easily eliminate Donny and Nicole from the competition. But after the first round, Frankie himself was eliminated. Leaving Donny with one of three points of winning the POV. However the sequential rounds both Donny and Nicole were not confident in their answers and folded. While Cody reigning HOH wasn’t going to risk one of his nominees taking themselves off the block and stayed. Which gave Cody an advantage and the eventual win. But with his win, Cody was left with the decision of which two houseguests would join him in seeing a special screening episode of Scorpion. Cody ended up being kind to his nominees, Donny and Nicole, choosing them for the reward. I thought it was a smart move because even though Cody didn’t mention it, he made sure that neither of the nominees could strategize with the other houseguests. However neither nominee took that time to even try and plead a case of backdooring another houseguest. The preview clips seen of the new series Scorpion during the episode were very enticing and look forward to seeing the first episode.

Team America’s Self-Created Mission

Donny was given the next mission for Team America in the diary room. The mission being that Team America themselves would create their own mission, America would vote on whether Team America was successful or not and their mission was to be completed by the end of the POV Ceremony. This was a perfect opportunity for Donny to use this to his advantage, even making a comment to use it keep Team America safe for the week, which would ensure himself safety this week since he was put on the block. However when Donny approached Derrick and Frankie about the mission, giving his two cents, Derrick was apprehensive and Frankie shot down the idea completely. Frankie however thought it would be a great idea to do a “fun,” mission where Team America would get the other houseguests together to put on a “play.” The play was a “House Swap,” theme where the eight evicted houseguests were portrayed as if they were still in the house. Though amusing, wasn’t a very helpful for Donny and he had the opportunity to flat out tell the other two alliance members the mission could have been to ensure the safety of all Team America members for the week. Which I definitely feel cost him the game because this could have gave him another $5,000 but save himself for the week. Playing devil’s advocate, if this were to happen to anyone else, there would be viewers angry that an idea to use an “America’s Vote,” to one’s advantage.

With the POV Ceremony, Cody decided not to use the POV even though there was a possibility of backdooring Christine or Frankie. But the plan fizzled out as it didn’t help Derrick’s game and Cody wasn’t willing to take the risk of Donny possibly winning next week’s HOH creating a target on his back. So a predictable week has been set and the two nominees were left on the block as Cody decided not to use the POV. Nicole was determined to lay low and make sure that Donny would be the target this week to be evicted. Donny’s luck seems to be running out and it would take Derrick to ensure his safety this week.

My Prediction For Eviction & HOH

I believe America’s Favorite Groundskeeper Donny Thompson has seen the last of his gameplay this week and will be evicted with a predictable unanimous vote. I would love to see both Derrick and Frankie vote to keep Donny, but I can’t see that actually happening as it would cause drama within their Detonator alliance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the undercover cop Derrick uses his puppet mastery to find a way to keep Donny in the game. Which would be helping him, but hurting Cody’s game, which Derrick is a two-man alliance with. With only one of the two nominees left in the house, I would hope they would win the next HOH, but I predict Caleb to win the next HOH. However the next HOH competition will probably be an endurance competition, which Caleb has had success in. So we’ll see how it all unfolds tonight live at 9pm on CBS 62 Detroit. Let’s hope our Michigander doesn’t lose this second chance at winning the $500K prize.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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