Well it’s pretty clear from Sunday’s episode of Big Brother that the boys are running the show and game. Meanwhile Victoria, Christine and Nicole are all merely victims and pawns for their games. But once all the ladies are gone then it’ll be a house full of guys trying to win the $500K prize. Frankie made some bold statements to America and if he is so much of a “super fan,” then he would have realized not to insult people in his own alliance especially one created by America. I hope everyone had a nice and enjoyable Labor Day. Here’s my recap and breakdown of Sunday’s episode!

Nicole The Outsider

It was crucial for our Michigander Nicole to come and win this endurance HOH competition. As time went on it was a four-person race, with Caleb, Christine, Frankie and Nicole. Derrick seeing that he had fell behind opted to go for the $5,000 dollars & 5,000 hollas and won. Knowing he was safe, Derrick was smart to just go for the money and earn the money he had lost from the Team America mission. As the HOH competition continued Nicole started to fall behind and it was a two person race between Caleb & Christine. Taking the opportunity to help a friend, Nicole gave some advice to Christine, meanwhile Cody the outgoing HOH overhearing the conversation. In the end it was Beast Mode Cowboy, Caleb who came out victorious, but at a cost. The competition was well over two hours and Caleb was fatigued as well as the other houseguests.

Even though Nicole didn’t win, it was clear that she was alone in this house. She may have a friend in Christine, but game wise Christine is no friend to Nicole. That was clear when Christine evicted her the first time and she was more than willing to do it again if she had one HOH. Nicole made some attempts to reason with Caleb the new HOH as to why she would benefit to him and his game. Caleb was considering it but was still loyal to his “Bomb Squad,” alliance members. Which I guess it’s back, since the houseguests keep referring to it again, but it could just be since Caleb is in power. Nonetheless, Caleb had control for this week and it seemed to look like he would side with whatever his alliance saw best.

Frankie Causing Waves

Besides Victoria’s segment of “things that bother her in the Big Brother house,” Frankie was realizing America doesn’t like him or Derrick for getting Donny evicted. What was surprising to hear was Frankie’s bold statement that Donny should have never been in the alliance since he didn’t pull his weight. Strong words coming from a super fan of the show. This is important to note because if there were to ever be another Team America mission, you bet America will do what isn’t best for Frankie’s game even if it harms Derrick’s too. I really doubt there will be any more missions since Donny is out of the house. However if all three become jury members then maybe a mission would be who should they convince the other jury member who should win, would be an interesting mission but also one that would heavily influence the game by the viewers. But I’m hypothesizing and having wishful thinking.

After the HOH competition, Cody told Frankie what he had heard during the competition with Nicole & Christine. Using that info only fuel Frankie’s reason to get Christine out of the house. Derrick knowing that this would cause some friction let it happen and sat as he watched his alliance member run with information. Derrick did however take some of the heat from taking the $5,000 cash and punishment by becoming a have not for the week with Nicole. Fun fact all of the houseguests except for Frankie have been a have not twice. Which frustrated Christine that Frankie wasn’t going to volunteer. However Frankie earlier told Caleb that Nicole should be a have not to weaken her for the week and weaken her it did. An emotional Nicole wept in the back yard, while Derrick took that opportunity to console her and continue to be a “friend,” to Nicole the outsider.

My Prediction for POV

I predict Caleb winning the POV and not using the POV to keep his nominations the same. However if Nicole or Christine were to win the POV then the replacement nominee would clearly be Victoria because I doubt Caleb would make a “game changing,” move by nominating Frankie or Derrick. As I titled this recap, “Boys Run This House,” it’s clear that even though Beyoncé sings, “Who run the world? Girls,” it’s “Boys” who are running the Big Brother house.

Tune in tomorrow at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who wins the POV, if it’s used on either nominee and who the replacement nominee could be. With the start of football, Thursday nights on CBS are for football, meaning a slight change to the days of Big Brother. Expect the change to happen after this Thursday and make sure to check your listings!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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