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Madden 15 Glitch Produces The Tiniest Player Of All-Time

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By: Jamie Samuelsen

I’m a child of the 80’s so a good video game glitch to me was the fact that you could throw a 120 yard touchdown pass in Atari Football or magically transport through walls in “Adventure”.

But I’ve kept in good enough touch to realize when a good glitch takes the video game world by storm.

Such is the case today when someone discovered that the Madden 15 profile of linebacker Christian Kirksey had a few mistakes.

First of all, Madden has him playing for the Titans instead of his actual team, the Browns.

Secondly, Kirksey is listed as 1 foot 2 inches tall. Or as we refer to babies, 14 inches long.

The glitch makes for some profoundly funny still photos and videos. It does raise the question as to whether or not this is simply a mistake by the game’s creators. Or whether, perhaps, one of the Madden designers had an axe to grind with Mr. Kirksey. Either way, it will go down as one of the funniest visual glitches in video game history.

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