As part of the Selfridge Open House and Air Show coming up Saturday and Sunday September 6 and 7, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser accepted an invitation to fly with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

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A video featured on and uploaded to the Red Wings’ YouTube channel shows DeKeyser touring some hangars, playing with Army robots, posing for photos and selfies on the tarmac.

The highlight is at 2:09 when GoPro video shows the maneuvers testing DeKeysers stomach. He’s tossed around the cockpit as the plane rolls and his face stretches as the pilot pulls into a turn applying six and a half times normal Earth gravity or 6.5 Gs.

The 40-minute flight in the F/A-18 Hornet left the hockey player humbled. “I realized kinda what these guys do. The stuff that they train for is pretty crazy so it’s kind of a new respect,” said DeKeyser.

Follow along with more Danny DeKeyser news as training camp approaches September 18.

See aerial demonstrations from the Blue Angels and more live at the Selfridge air show. Get more information at


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