By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – The perfect couple?

There have been Internet rumblings about the potential pairing of singer Joss Stone and Britain’s Prince Harry. So is there anything going on?

“I’m definitely not secretly dating Prince Harry,” said Joss. So would she like to? “No!”

Stone said “I know him, but to say I know him well is a bit far-fetched. “I’m not having a pint with him every Friday in the pub, if you know what I mean. But he’s a lovely person, always very polite.”

It would be difficult for Stone to fit in such a romance. She’s been on a worldwide odyssey, a tour she claims, with a stop in every country. It’s been quite a learning experience.

“Since I began this world tour, I think I’m starting to live the dream I’ve had for the past five years,” said Stone. “This tour is more about seeing the world and going to places where most people don’t go and hearing sounds that I’m not used to hearing and meeting people that are doing good things.”

One of the most moving parts of her tour was a stop in Lebanon. “They set up this charity to look after the children that have been war-torn,” she said. It’s for refugees from the fighting over the border in Syria. One of the children, she said, didn’t speak for months, because she had to watch the murder of her father over the course of six hours. Stone said the experience upset her. “Because I realized that no matter how much good work these people do, they can’t fix it, ever. Because these kids have seen things that you can’t rub out.”

Stone said performing in a wide variety of countries have been an education as well.

“Sometimes you go to a different country with a different culture and they [the audience] don’t move. You’re like, ‘Oh no, maybe they don’t like it!'”

That’s definitely not a problem in the U.S.
“Americans are great. They’re the best. They’ll shout and holler. I love that. I love when people call out stuff and they become part of the experience. Because we’re not watching a television program, we’re having a conversation!”

She marveled about how much Americans love the British royal family. As for that Prince Harry…
“He’s full of life, he does wonderful things for charity. He’s a really good spirit and I’m glad that he’s Prince of England. Good old Harry! He’s a darling.”

Stone will perform at the Motor City Casino Soundboard in Detroit on September 11th at 8pm.


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