The Snack Attack: Totino’s Reintroduces Stuffed Nachos, 90s Kids Rejoice! [TASTE TEST]

If you grew up in the 90s, I’m willing to bet not a day passed by that you didn’t eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Heck, I’m almost 30 and I still keep the things in my freezer. Crispy in the oven, mushy in the microwave and sure to ooze molten filling everywhere, these little snacks are hard to stop eating.

In 1996, Totino’s put a Mexican spin on the Pizza Roll and introduced Stuffed Nachos, but the product was discontinued after just a couple of years. Now, 20 years later, we can finally feast on them again — Totino’s has reintroduced Stuffed Nachos!

The triangle-shaped nacho pockets come in two flavors: Queso and Supreme. But do yourself a HUGE favor — if you’re going to eat these, you need to make them in the oven. It’s the only way to get a crispy crust. Otherwise the nachos are just mushy. Still tasty, but mushy.

Let’s dig in!

Review: Queso Stuffed Nachos
Cheese filling with onions and red bell peppers in a crispy crust

Queso Stuffed Nachos (Credit:

Queso Stuffed Nachos (Credit:

As you would expect, this flavor is cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. The peppers pack a flavorful punch but aren’t too spicy — it’s really the perfect amount of heat. Even though onion was listed high in the ingredient list, these didn’t have that “oniony” flavor. And the crust is amazing! From what I can remember, the old school Stuffed Nachos had a Mexican-flavored filling inside the same crust as the Pizza Rolls. But not this time. The crust actually tastes like a tortilla. I wish there was more of the filling but I realize the more filling you have, the more it is going to explode. Out of the eight that I cooked, there was only one explosion — that’s a pretty good rate if you ask me. I just like every bite to be filled with delicious cheesiness, and some bites barely had any.

Review: Supreme Stuffed Nachos
Taco seasoned chicken and beef pizza topping, red bell peppers, jalapenos and cheddar cheese in a crispy crust

Supreme Stuffed Nachos (Credit:

Supreme Stuffed Nachos (Credit:

Overall, the Supreme variety has a deeper and much more developed flavor profile than the Queso ones. And I think that can be contributed to the taco seasoned meat. That seasoning is ‘da bomb — 90s style! Even though jalapenos are listed in the ingredients, these aren’t very spicy. You get the flavor of the peppers without all the heat. It seemed like these had more filling than the Queso ones, or maybe they were just a little smaller. Either way, and to my astonishment, not one of my eight snacks exploded while cooking. I know… craziness, right?

If these two varieties had to battle it out, I’d say Supreme would be the winner with just the slightest edge, because it is seasoned better and contains meat.

The Snack Attack is a feature on that centers around all things food. Know of a new snack we should attack? Send an email and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.


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