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The Snack Attack: Oreo Churros Finally Appear In Store Freezers, Are They Worth The Wait? [TASTE TEST]

Oreos are taking a walk on the Spanish side: Milk’s favorite cookie is now available as warm, crispy, make-at-home churro bites.

I’ve been looking for these Oreo Churros since they were announced last fall and I finally found them at Meijer over the weekend. Hey, it only took 10 months.

While churros are usually covered in sweet cinnamon and sugar, these heat-and-serve Oreo Churro bites feature a gooey creme filling inside a crispy chocolate exterior, covered with an Oreo crumb sugar topping.

Oreos you can make in your oven? Yes, please!

Review: Oreo Churros

Sugary Oreo goodness (Credit: CBSDetroit.com)

Sugary Oreo goodness (Credit: CBSDetroit.com)

Appearance: There were 18 bites in the package I got, and they pretty much look like you’d expect from a chocolate-flavored churro — with deep ridges to hold the sugary topping. I was really surprised, actually, that the creme filling didn’t ooze out of the churros à la Totino’s Pizza Roll style while they were baking. Once you give them a second to cool off, you roll the churros around in an Oreo crumb sugar topping and voila!

Aroma: As these were baking, a faint smell that reminded me of chocolaty brownies filled the kitchen.

Taste: The first bite tasted just like a baked Oreo cookie, but then everything went down hill. The longer the churros cool, the less and less they taste like Oreos. And that might be because these aren’t made by Nabisco, they’re produced by J&J Snack Foods (which also makes soft pretzels, frozen novelties, frozen beverages, baked goods and other hand-held snacks). Either way, the churros are way cakier than I was expecting, even though I left them in the oven for an extra few minutes. The creme filling itself is nothing like the creme in an Oreo. It’s sticky and barely has any flavor, just a slight sweetness, and there’s not enough of it. The best tasting thing about these was the Oreo sugar topping, which I assume was just crunched up Oreos and white sugar.

Rating: 2 out of 10 — Don’t even waste your time. Pop tarts taste better and require a fraction of the work/waiting.

What you should do instead: If you really want a good deep-fried Oreo, follow my lead. See, a big problem I have with the state fair deep-fried Oreos is they usually take a whole cookie, batter it and throw it in the fryer. But that’s not my style. I don’t want a breaded deep fried cookie, I just want the deep fried cookie. Enter the Deconstructed Deep Fried Oreo! It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before — all you need is Oreos, a couple of eggs, a food processor and a deep fryer (or pan fry as long as your oil is deep enough).

Open your package of Oreos and separate the cookie wafers from the creme. Take all of the creme and roll into balls — you can choose the size but I’d go for somewhere between a marble and a ping-pong ball. Then, take your cookie wafers and put them in a food processor until you get a powdery, crumbly consistency.

Now you should have a bowl of cookie crumbs and a plate of creme balls. What happens next? We make the babies — and you might want to wear gloves for this part depending on how dirty you like to get (I hate the way egg feels on my hands, so I suit up). Take one of the balls and dip in the egg wash, then roll the ball around in the cookie crumbs. Dip the same ball back in the egg wash again and roll around in the crumbs for a second time. Then repeat the process until you’re out of balls and drop them in the deep fryer.

The next part requires constant monitoring because the cooking time varies depending on how hot your oil is set and how big your balls are (tee-hee-hee), but two to four minutes should be just enough. If the creme starts oozing out of the balls, you know it’s time to get them out of the oil. Let them cool for a minute and dig in.

Tada! Now you truly have deep fried Oreos. No frills, just fried cookie goodness. This method of frying works with any kind of sandwich cookie, too — deep fried Nutter Butters are amazing!

The Snack Attack is a feature on CBSDetroit.com that centers around all things food. Know of a new snack we should attack? Send an email and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.


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