ALMONT (WWJ) – It’s a massive sign of support of presidential candidate Donald Trump — mowed into an 8-acre lawn in Lapeer County, Michigan.

“I was cutting out there one day and I said, well, it would be pretty neat to put a sign in here,” explained Almont resident Wally Maslowsky. “Being that I’ve got a design background I just kind of came in the house and laid it out and plotted some points kinda like you’re doing a survey when you’re laying out a basement for a house.”

Maslowsky, a General Motors retiree, says the project took about four or five hours over the weekend to complete on his rural property, about two miles north of downtown Almont, west of Van Dyke, off Dryden Road — which is 42 Mile.

“If you were to go from the front of the T to the back of the P, it’s 330 feet parallel; and top to bottom 176 parallel,” Maslowsky told WWJ’s Jason Scott, making the entire thing a little over 58,000 square feet.

Maslowsky, who has a standard Trump/Pence sign in his front yard, says he’s noticed a lot of support for the Republican nominee in the area.

“I decided, well, I could do this; so just for the heck of it I did it,” Maslowsky said. “I mean, that’s what retired people do to keep busy, right? …Either that or sit in front of the TV and get old.”

Maslowsky said he hadn’t really planned to promote his masterpiece, but his daughter-in-law posted pictures to Twitter.

“And I said, well, you know, I didn’t do this for the news or anything, I’m not looking for any kind of publicity,’ and she says, ‘Well, why’d you do it?’ I said, just for fun, just to do it! Let the planes see it when they fly over.”

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  1. subhuman taxpayer says:

    A another GREAT AMERICAN!

    1. Agreed. What a thing of BEAUTY! This heart felt act of patriotic fervor is more evidence of why Trump will win this election. “It’s the people stupid!”

      1. Li Right says:

        Subhuman and DeAnn………….I’m a Long Islander (NY) and you’re both speaking my language!

  2. canes58 says:

    that right there is worth a 100 billboard ads! sir lets take our country back! thank you!

  3. Deplorable Artist says:

    America is such a great country! And this guy is a Great American!

  4. Despicable Trump Supporter says:


  5. Hillary is UN AMERICAN. She wants us to take care of more illegals and more refugees/terrorists.

  6. From one Deplorable Trump supporter to another: Thank you, and God bless you! I have a large yard you could do the same in, if you get bored, LOL!

  7. Roger Bacon says:

    We should fill “flyover” country with them. That way every time the liberals look out the window of their planes they would be reminded of how real American feel.

  8. Ashley West says:

    Revenge of the deplorables!

  9. Globalists begone, Trump is coming and he’s armed with millions of America patriots who would rather die that live in the slavery of a globalist socialist cesspool.

  10. John C says:

    Fantastic! What a great American. Hillary is an enemy of America and Freedom. Trump to end the Washingtonian corruption.

  11. TD Smooth says:

    Nice Job, Wally !

    I like it!

  12. What a thing of BEAUTY! This heart felt act of patriotic fervor is more evidence of why Trump will win this election. “It’s the people stupid!”

  13. Joe E in the IE says:

    Safe bet: soon to be plowed under by goons from the US Department of Agriculture.

  14. Well, now we know what white trash with too much time on their hands does for fun. Trump got his behind kicked in last night’s debate which is *nothing* compared to the thrashing that he’s going to take on November 8. Then he and his band of angry racists will finally go away.

    1. Wilbo the Deplorable says:

      How about a more substantive review, Johnny. My take is that Hillary is much better at putting up a phony front than Donald (that creepy, unnatural open mouth smile says it all). She is fully focus-grouped, rehearsed and thoroughly coached. He comes off like a no-nonsense businessman and leader, not as a professional debater, but he still managed to bring home some important points. Among them was the major point that her use of a private server was not a “mistake” as Hillary said, but something that was done on purpose. And that purpose, that Trump unfortunately did not articulate, was to hide her corrupt pay for play (taking bribes) from foreign governments (through the unmentioned Clinton Foundation) in return for favors, like the treasonous Uranium One deal that she approved after massive “donations” and outlandish speaking fees.

      1. Did you hear the crowd when he brought up the 30k emails? Lester was almost crying.

    2. White trash like that it puts food on your table so you can stuff your ugly face. Got that, bigot?

    3. If his white trash teat fell out of your mouth you’d starve to death.

    4. Otto Zeit says:

      Pundits agree: Hillary won the debate. The people agree: pundits are full of it.

  15. hammerstamp says:

    Got to love the Trump supporters.

  16. SLIDE says:




  17. Amie Wolff says:

    Excellent Wally! An epic display for the EPIC TRUMP! You rock!

  18. Frank Muller says:

    I’d plant a forest and dig a pond if I had that much land. What a waste.

  19. joe squid says:

    Why, that is utterly DEPLORABLE!

  20. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Is this just another alien crop circle and they’re trying to influnce our election system?

  21. John Campbell says:

    This charade is over. Hillary Clinton has not drawn in total combined over the course of this entire election cycle the number of supporters to her events that Donald Trump has in just one rally. The idea that this was ever a close race is a media and globalist created fantasy. High dollar globalist funded campaigns will not change the fact that the people of this nation have no desire to have their National Sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution, and especially our rights, sold out from under us by betrayers from within and around the world. Even the peoples from around the world are finally standing up with clear voice for the rejection of a one world government. Globalist machinations are done.

    TRUMP 2016

  22. L A Pierce says:

    The drone that took the aerial footage was WAY over the 400 foot ceiling for civilian UAVs.

  23. OMG—Must See! Hillary Clinton in THE EXORCIST! Funny!

    Hillary Clinton Coughing Rap!! Montage!


  24. William S Reynolds says:

    Hey Wally, get someone with a quadcopter and a 4k gopro to video it next time.

  25. bill says:

    Idiot, Wish I had that kind of pointless time on my hands. I wouldn’t give any corrupt SOB the time of day.

  26. Frank says:

    Crop Circles! Even the extraterrestrials are for Trump!

  27. HeywoodJablowme says:

    Somebody showed their support for Hillary by doing the same thing. They wrote “LIAR”

  28. don says:

    the dude needs a hobby

  29. DJ says:

    The Great White Dope!

  30. Yo Mamma... says:

    That’s perfect…Next time do a Hillary 4 prison please…

  31. Mike says:

    Hard to ruin that sign.

  32. Fritz-Von-Dago says:

    Wally Maslowsky fighting democratic party TERRORISM in American one sign at a time…..Way to go guy!!!!!!!!!

  33. Master Zinc says:

    It’s getting very obvious that while Trump isn’t necessarily liked, SHE is utterly despised.

  34. JDB, Esq. says:

    When I saw this posted on Drudge, I just knew it wasn’t going to be for Criminal Hillary. Only Trump could drive this kind of enthusiasm.

  35. AnybodybutDonny says:

    He should have forgot the “T”…..that fits donnyboy better.

  36. 3X69 says:

    Everyone knows this election is make it or break it. Probably the most dire period in US history. If we do not get the criminal Demorat cartel out of the White House, we will lose our country. There is no way the union could survive back-to-back pathological liars in the White House … no way.

  37. Hillary Clinton says:

    Way to go!

    1. Bill Clinton says:

      Know any young chicks who put out?

  38. Otto Zeit says:

    If ever a man was politically defined by the enemies he stirs up, it’s Trump – I can’t help noticing that all of the people I despise, despise him! That says more to me than anything they can say about him.

    Here’s the real rundown on Donald Trump’s Presidential qualifications:
    Obama is against Trump… Check
    The Media are against Trump… Check
    “Big Labor” is against Trump… Check
    “Wall Street” is against Trump… Check
    The Pope is against Trump… Check
    The UN is against Trump… Check
    The EU is against Trump… Check
    The Chinese political establishment is against Trump… Check
    The Mexican political establishment is against Trump… Check
    The Republican establishment is against Trump… Check
    The Bushes are against Trump … Double-check
    The Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check
    Bill Kristol is against Trump… Check
    George Will is against Trump… Check
    The Democrat establishment is against Trump… Check
    Soros is against Trump… Check
    Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check
    MoveOn.Org is against Trump… Check
    Planned Parenthood is against Trump…. Check
    Hillary & Sanders are both against Trump … Check
    Fauxahontas Warren is rabidly against Trump … Check
    The Illegal alien lobby is against Trump … Check
    Jihadis are against Trump … Check
    Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump… Check
    Google, Apple, facebook and twitter are all against Trump…Check, check, check, and check again


    It seems to me that Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate, if you have so many RINOs, political insiders and left wing nut cases all so frightened Trump will upend their agendas that they all speak out against him at the same time, in the same terms, and in the same desperate tones!!


    He’s not a Politician (with a lifetime spent sucking up resources at the “public service” trough)…Check
    He’s not a Lawyer…Check
    He’s not doing it for the money (running for President isn’t an extension of his career, it’s an interruption) …Check


    He’s a Natural Born American Citizen, born in the USA to American parents…Check trifecta!

  39. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    WOW! Well done! Great job, great American!

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