(WWJ) Michigan’s archery deer season opens Saturday, and it could bring bountiful options to local hunters: DNR deer management specialist Chad Stewart says there are more deer than usual right now in southern lower Michigan.

The Hillsdale Daily News reported that a mild winter allowed deer to graze all winter long, which left a fat and happy, and plentiful, herd.

“The deer are in good shape and because of good nutrition from apples, acorns, agricultural crops and ample high quality browse, body weight and antler development is above average,” the Hillsdale newspaper reported. “It should be a good season and stealthy hunters who did some preliminary scouting should enjoy success.”

Of course, success isn’t guaranteed.

“Where a hunter hunts, and their success, is going to be dictated by how much effort they put in going into the season, so how much knowledge they have on their local deer herd, movements, and spotting out the best spot to be successful,” Stewart said. “So, it’s really going to be up to the hunter to make the deer season what it can be.”

He added archery season doesn’t have as much participation as firearms season, which begins Nov. 15.

But last year, archers killed well over 110,000 deer, he added.

“It’s a huge recreational opportunity for our hunters,” he said.

The archery deer season runs through November 14 and starts again December 1.


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