NOVI (WWJ) — Despite recent poll results, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believes that he has what it takes to win Michigan in the upcoming 2016 election.

Trump visited Novi on Friday as a raucous crowd of supporters filled the Suburban Collection Showplace. He continued to criticize Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton over trade deals and emails while maintaining that he will win Michigan in November.

“We are going to take our county back,” Trump said. “We’re going to win the state of Michigan, we’re going to win the White House and it’s going to be an awfully good November 8th — that evening is going to be a celebration.”

In a recently released poll, zero percent of polled Detroit residents said they support Trump. The statewide poll showed Trump to be seven points behind Clinton in Michigan. Trump did lead Clinton, per the poll, in Macomb County and in northern Michigan.

“To the people of Michigan, I promise you this: you get out and you vote on November 8th for Donald J. Trump for president, you’ll be voting for yourselves,” Trump said.

Trump, many watchers said, stumbled into shaky territory with African Americans during Monday’s Presidential Debate when he defended “stop and frisk” policies that have been criticized as leading to racial profiling.

Democrats, and the Clintons in particular, are traditionally favorites of African American voters.

“I don’t think African Americans are going to come out and vote for Clinton,” Trump said Friday. “They’re too smart and they know they are being used — they’re tired of it.”

Overall, the survey found 7.7 percent of Michigan voters were still undecided.

“(His visit) underscores that Michigan still is a battleground state,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick. “Of course, he wants to win Michigan.”

Other polls have Trump following Clinton by five points in Michigan. More polling is expected later this week, Skubick said.


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