SHELBY TOWNSHIP (WWJ) — Simply putting on a police uniform offends a certain percentage of the population, says Lt. Jeff Daniel of the Shelby Township Police Department.

The veteran officer says that’s something officers just have to accept, while treating everyone equally.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always kind of taken the effect of I know that just by putting on the uniform, to some people that just offends them — just my uniform and my presence,” Daniel told WWJ’s Mike Campbell on Saturday. “I’ve kind of become accustom to that after 20-plus years in law enforcement.”

“Police officers don’t care whether you’re black, white or purple — they care whether you’re a decent person and whether you’re breaking the law or not,” Daniel said.

Meantime, Daniel says community support for the police department is at an all-time high. He says recent support is coming from residents of all ages.

“It seems like every day we have somebody coming bringing us cookies, cakes, buying us dinner — sometimes we have people just stopping by and just saying ‘thank you,'” Daniel said. “We’ve got little kids coming in in their Halloween costumes — their little SWAT costumes — taking pictures with us, getting station tours.”

Daniel’s comments come at a time where there have been a number of protests across the country over police shootings of unarmed black people.


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