By George Fox

The 80’s-soaked horror series “Stranger Things” that gripped audiences this summer got the people at northern Michigan’s Short’s Brewing thinking. What would The Upside Down taste like? Waffles and maple syrup of course.

Pulling details from the show, one of the main characters Eleven eats Eggo waffles exclusively. Known as El for short she has psychokinetic gifts and freely travels to the alternate dimension known as The Upside Down. The experimental Imperial Nut Brown Ale by the same name is brewed with maple syrup and waffles.

Short’s even got into the “Stranger Things” spirit with a sufficiently-creepy El cosplay photo.

It’s moderately boozy at 7.4% ABV and lightly bitter at 23 IBU. It’s only available on tap at the pub in Bellaire, Mich. for a limited time so … roadtrip? See what’s currently on tap.

Short’s website continues the description, “at first sip, the taster is met with a wave of decadent maple syrup flavors that compliment the malty backbone of this brew.”

The dark, barren and mysterious landscape could have led to the selection of dark Nut Brown Ale. We can hope there aren’t any plant monsters or floating spores involved.



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