BIRMINGHAM (CBS DETROIT) — Police in a suburban Detroit neighborhood say an Uber driver is under arrest for stabbing a passenger who allegedly disrespected his car.

Jacob Allemon, 23, of Berkley.

Jacob Allemon, 23, of Berkley.

The incident allegedly began when a couple from Beverly Hills called for an Uber driver after a holiday party.

A tap on the window to let Uber driver Jacob Matthew Allemon know the couple was getting into his car was the beginning of the end according to the police report. Allemon told police he felt the tap on the window was disrespecting his car and drove the husband and wife for about a mile and then told them to get out of his car — pulling into a shopping center.

When the couple asked if they could wait in his car for another Uber driver —  it lead to an exchange and the 49-year-old rider was stabbed multiple times in the face, chest, and back.

The victim was able to disarm Allemon and restrain him until police arrived.

Allemon, 23, of Berkley has been charged with assault.

The victim was transported to an area hospital and treated for his wounds and released the next day.

97.1 The Ticket’s Kyle Bogie ended up in Allemon’s vehicle just hours before the stabbing. Bogie told WWJ he wasn’t surprised when he found out about the incident, because Allemon seemed like he wasn’t in his right state of mind.

“He did seem as though — and maybe this is probably a dumb thing for me to continue to ride with him — he did seem like he was not all there, that he was kind of off,” Bogie said. “He was stuttering, stammering, he didn’t exactly seem like someone who was in a right frame of mind, if you will.”

Bogie said that during the ride, Allemon discussed selling and distributing drugs in the area.

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  1. WOW! I wonder what he did to his barber!

  2. Suibne Geilt says:

    Detroit….classic urban sxht hole.

  3. Paul Lyons says:

    It’s okay…he’s a Democrat.

  4. The couple was from Beverly Hills, he was from Berkeley and it happened in Detroit?????

    1. You need to get out more. Both are towns in Michigan.

      1. Casey Smith says:

        “Getting out” means getting to know the geography of greater Detroit. Hahaha, yeah, that’s first on my bucket list.

        1. Tony Konte says:

          Well that’s as laughable as putting Communist Berkeley, ha,ha,ha California on my bucket list

          1. Ken Dicus says:

            Berklet used to be a fine town. I grew up there and graduated in 1978. Shortly afterwards, the beginning of the end started when vermin from detroit started to move in. Same with Royal Oak and Southfield. Oak Park was completely destroyed and is now “Detroit Lite”.

        2. dt60093 says:

          Hell, Michigan is also in the Greater Detroit area.

        3. yeah, maybe last on your bucket list if you don’t know your way around.haha

    2. Tony Konte says:

      A stone has more brains. I suppose you think Hollywood is only in California and not in Florida

    3. You don’t need to get out, dimwit…so much as try to read no faster than your comprehension allows.

    4. exactly what i was thinking… berkley and beverly hills in michigan? lol

  5. a Muslim originally from Dearbornastan.

    1. Right on the money, you nailed it. And he likely planned to attack the next person or persons who entered his car. The ‘disrespecting the car’ line was just that, a cheap excuse. He has the look and all the right moves, doesn’t he?

      1. Tricia Cate says:

        Disrespecting his car??? What does that even mean? Who says things like that? If they damaged or destroyed his car, the comment would make some sense, but tapping on the window? Insane.

  6. “a suburban Detroit neighborhood” First hint….
    People who think is perfectly safe to get into a car with a stranger. Second hint…is not going to end well.

    1. Meeting strangers is part of life, and Uber performs background checks on their drivers. So if wisdom dictates “not getting into cars with complete strangers” then taxis and limousines would not exist.

      1. Tricia Cate says:

        I’d rather drive or take the bus. Uber – no thanks.

        1. This incident took just a *few minutes* to transpire. Frankly, it could have been avoided had the passengers just gotten out of the weirdo’s car, like he demanded. Comply, and immediately down-rate with prejudice: that was their only recourse.

          Instead, they provoked the obvious freak. Not saying they deserved it by a long shot, as the driver’s recourse *himself* was to call 911 — but had they not been so obstinate, we would have never heard about this because it would have never happened.

          But Tricia, who performs the background checks on all the people standing around at the bus stop with you, where apparently you feel so safe? And how about that one weird-looking dude, sprawled on the bench with his knapsack, who was there before anyone else?

          I’m guessing Uber drivers are statistically safer than your average crew of house maids, or maybe even home health aides. This is hysteria here, driven by novelty and a desire by certain media figures to tweak the new masters of the digital universe. Who will go off next? The airbnb guest, or host? Oh my …

          1. you are awesome @NJ_citizen

      2. At least taxi drivers must be licensed and are a hell of a lot easier to track tham some loser Uber driver. I still maintain it is russian roulette to get in a stranger’s car.

        1. Losers? That’s rough. At least they’re working, rather than relying on unemployment, their families and friends, or welfare. And by the way, Uber is coming to trucks too.

          But all of this will be moot anyway, once the fleets of autonomous vehicles hit the streets — and well within our lifetimes. You won’t even be able to get a job delivering pizzas!

          As for the underlying concept, it changes everything. People work when they want to, or when work is available. It drives costs down, even while demand for a given service rises owing to the convenience and lower pricing.

          Additionally, as governing apps know the identity of both parties to the transaction, here with the riders’ payment information on file, it’s much less likely drivers will be stiffed or worse, violently robbed. Because that’s where the caution really needs to be exercised, Luis: it’s the DRIVERS who are almost always at risk, **not the passengers**.

          Truly, it’s a new day. I mean, Amazon is going to make *shoplifting itself* a thing of the past with their new stores, which **track what you leave the premises with** and charge your card of record as soon as you leave — no cashiers, no self-checkout! Imagine what that will do for prices and profit margins when people can no longer steal! It will modify human behavior itself.

          On the downside, I guess that’s just one more occupation slated for elimination: retail security guards. Gripe away, Luis, gripe away.

  7. What part of never get into a strangers car don’t people get.

    1. Brian Graham says:

      In their defense, he did offer them candy before they got in the car.

  8. Anyone who gets into an Uber is just plain NUTS.

    1. Do you ever use taxis, limos, shuttles, etc?? The crazies can get permits for those, too.

  9. Jill Belisle says:

    I would never, never call Uber.

  10. Assault???? Are you kidding me?? That was attempted murder!!!! Give me a break!!!!!!

    1. random255 says:

      Exactly – stab wounds!?!?!

  11. random255 says:

    It is a strange new world. Heaven forbid.

  12. You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to *me*?! … Then who the hell else are you talking to?

    Well I’m the only one here. Who the f*ck do you think you’re talking to?

  13. Nice haircut — but I’m guessing this guy’s rating just went down a few points on the app.

    Anyway, I’m seeing ads for a slip-and-fall firm here on the sidebars, so I wonder what Uber’s liability is. I’d bet the EULA won’t necessarily be the final word here.


  15. Uber drivers get paid way below minimum wage. it’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more frequently.

    1. Essentially you’re telling us that Uber drivers don’t have enough sense to walk away — either that, or guns are being held to their heads. As we both know the latter isn’t true, why do you have a better sense of where the best interests of the drivers lie — and specifically, what they should be prepared to accept in the way of compensation — than those drivers themselves?

      And who says earning less than minimum wage (as you allege) is some cosmic effrontery? Maybe the drivers have nothing else to do? Maybe they were going that way, anyway? Maybe they have an emotional need for the company provided by the passengers?

      Run your own life, mastermind — it’s hard enough. Don’t run others’.

  16. Robert Mull says:

    Gee imagine that, another leftist that has anger problems. Who would have guessed. I wonder did uber or what ever this is called really check him out??? I bet he was in a nut house at one time..

  17. Steven Bowen says:

    The guy was able to restrain him after that assault? Now I want to know more about the victim. The perp is just another insane Uber driver, which is now a common theme. I hate Uber so I love when stories like this assault their brand image.

    1. You drive a cab? Or didn’t think of the idea first? What’s the beef?

  18. According to the report, the 49-year-old passenger

    • was stabbed multiple times in the face, chest, and back
    • managed to disarm, restrain, and hold for the cops the attacking driver (a man half his age)
    • was transported to the local hospital and released the next day

    And probably with a few drinks in him at the time, as he hailed the ride from a “social gathering”. (Or maybe that helped? See “liquid courage”.)

    Speaking of which, CBS referred to the gathering as a “holiday party”, a term I’m guessing no one there would have ever used to describe the event. Is there no escaping this political correctness?

  19. Take a look at that mug. It’s like Travis Bickle and A Flock Of Seagulls got drunk a few decades ago and had a kid.

  20. Considering the facial hair and the area where this occurred, were the words “Allahu” or “Ackbar” ever mentioned?

    Just wondering …

  21. Is everyone slamming Uber here shilling for Lyft? What’s the deal …

  22. I usually don’t take rides from people that I consider a little too, shall we say “different”? Lot’s of evil in this world and there are satanic people among us.

  23. Restrained him?
    He should have KILLED HIM

  24. Vox Veritas says:

    And you expected more from Beverly Hills?

  25. I have no problem with the business model uber is using or those other companies just like them. But I do have an issue with the people they let become drivers. I see they say they vet them, but it can’t be very reliable. All the stories recently about uber drivers, I have to say, I do not see these kinds of stories about regular taxi drivers. Sure there are some, but not like this. Uber needs a better way of vetting these lunatics.

    1. And here’s a helpful hint:

      When a driver tells you to get out of **his** car — especially after bringing you to a safe area, as presumably was the case here (a shopping center) — GET OUT OF HIS DAMN CAR.

      The More You Know …………… ✮

  26. James Curry says:

    No doubt the Uber boy needs intervention. Something like a straight jacket and padded cell.

  27. Scott Brown says:

    He asked you to get out of his car….and you chose to stay…

    Way to go…

  28. Well, his tip was greatly reduced for that!

  29. Sam Dennis says:

    Conceptually I believe in personal freedom to engage in legal business endeavors, but due to the nature of the ‘car for hire’ business I don’t think the UBER business model is good for the public safety. As evidenced by this incident, the Taxi business can be dangerous to one’s health.

  30. timefortrump says:

    The perp was from Berkeley – nuff said….



  33. Reg Starr says:

    Shelly Havara, *passengers* can vet the drivers *themselves*, through the ratings provided by other users.

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