By Dan Jenkins

Some fans in Seattle still aren’t over losing their NBA team to Oklahoma City in 2008. Luckily, they may be getting thrown a bone by the league and have a team return to town in the near future.

Commissioner Adam Silver and the league are considering adding two expansion teams, according to a report by 16 Wins A Ring. The basketball website says the league is almost assuredly going to return to Seattle, with a few other markets in consideration for the second expansion team.

“The front running cities in talks are Seattle and Mexico City, with Louisville still very much in the picture. The former NBA city of Seattle has always been on the NBA’s radar, with Adam Silver determined to fix the error of letting the city lose its franchise.”

The report says that the earliest expansion would happen would be for the 2018-2019 season. The plan would reportedly have the two new teams join the Western Conference and the Memphis Grizzlies shift to the Eastern Conference. Two 16-team conferences with no divisions are reportedly being considered.

“The other cities mentioned prominently have been Louisville, Las Vegas and Vancouver, though only Louisville is considered a serious contender as it stands right now. They have a meeting with the league on Tuesday and still have a foothold in proceedings.”

There would be some hurdles to clear for the league to return to Seattle (mainly a new arena deal), but the chances look better than ever.


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