By Allen Foster

The choices that you make are all pivotal moments that help define who you are. They can range from what you eat for breakfast to deciding where and how you invest your savings. Choosing a career ranks right up there with finding a partner or buying a house. It is something that you decide on and then pursue with great gusto, because it has incalculable impact on the entirety of your life.

Ergo, it is not a good idea to blindly jump into any profession. Just because you enjoy doing something or have a natural gift for it, it doesn’t always mean that is the best way for you to earn a living. There are many other factors involved with choosing a career besides finding what you love and making it your work. If you are lucky enough to be skilled with your hands, sharp with your mind and you have a little bit of a daredevil in you, becoming a roofer, just might be your calling. To be sure, however, here are five things you need to know before making that final decision.

What Does A Roofer Do?

The duties of a roofer include everything from being able to inspect and diagnose roofing problems to knowing the best way to repair them. A roofer has remarkable insight into the latest techniques and technologies as well as knowing the perfect material for each job. He is a highly skilled craftsman who is comfortable working with a wide variety of materials  such as wood, asphalt, tar, caulk, sheet metal, solar panels and even greenery. Additionally, a roofer has a firm understanding of mathematics so he can determine the precise amount of materials needed for the job.

What Kind Of Working Conditions Does A Roofer Face?

Besides being high up and working on a slope, some rather steep, a roofer is also exposed to the elements. Heat and wind can quickly or unexpectedly create an extremely dangerous situation. Also, it is important to remember that roofing work is limited by other weather conditions such as rain and cold.

What Do You Need To Be A Roofer?

Although there are no educational requirements, such as a college degree, that are needed for the job, being a roofer is not something that just anyone can do. Because of the work environment, a roofer must have exceptional balance, possess a great deal of physical strength and stamina, and be unafraid of heights.

How Much Does A Roofer Make?

Referencing a wide variety of sources that offer figures from the past five years, the average roofer can expect to earn roughly $37,000 per year.

What Is The Job Outlook For Roofers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth over the next 10 years is 13 percent.


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