CLINTON TWP. (WWJ) – Be on the lookout, and keep an eye on outdoor pets. More coyote sightings are being reported in Macomb County.

A photo making the rounds on Facebook Thursday shows a single coyote in the area of Kelly Road between 16 and 15 Mile roads in Clinton Township. A local resident said it was spotted running along the Harrington Drain.

Back on Jan. 4, a photo showed four coyotes in a backyard in the area of 21 Mile and Schoenherr roads on the Macomb/Shelby Township border. The resident who posted the picture, and shared it to the Macomb County Scanner Facebook page, said she’s seen as many as seven at a time in that area.

Other recent coyote sightings were reported at 16 Mile Road and Groesbeck, 16 Mile and Moravian, Cass and Moravian, and in the Edison Fields.

Residents seem split on the topic, as comments on social media range from “how beautiful” to “it needs to be shot.”

“Coyotes are in every county,” Heather Garman wrote. “They are great for rodent control. They’ll stay away from you if you stay away from them you just have to watch your small dogs especially in unfenced yards.”

“Maybe if you don’t like coyotes, you shouldn’t move into their habitats,” Dawn Furie commented.

Daniel Vallad weighed in: ” Everyone’s like Awww until it takes Toto from your yard.”

Late last year, officials put out a word of caution to Sterling Heights residents as coyote sightings spiked in neighborhoods, primarily in the 14 Mile/Schoennher Rd. and Dodge Park.

Animal Control Director Jeff Randazzo told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill that while the county has received about a dozen calls about coyotes in recent weeks, this increased coyote activity is nothing unusual.

It’s just mating season.

“If you’re moving up into the, especially into the northern part of the county, right, you’re going to have encounters with wildlife,” Randazzo said. “It’s just how we do this human-wildlife interaction.”

He added that animal control does not euthanize or advocate moving the coyotes.

To lesson the chances of an encounter in suburban areas, experts advise that coyotes are attracted to garbage, garden vegetables, and pet foods. To reduce the chance of coyote problems, residents are advised to eliminate all outside food — not just for pets — but bird seed and garbage as well. Put out the trash only on pickup day, and never feed coyotes.

Another good idea: Clear out wood and brush piles; they are good habitat for rats and mice and may attract coyotes. It should also be noted that coyotes don’t like bright lights or loud sounds or the smell of ammonia or perfume.

Do not try to trap the animal or shoot it. Discharging firearms within most cities is against the law.

Although no recent attacks have been reported, last March police said a family dog was killed by a coyote in the area of 24 Mile and Mound.

Home or landowners experiencing problems with coyotes or who feel a coyote should be removed from their property should call a licensed nuisance animal control company. The typical cost associated with this service ranges from $300 to $750. If there is immediate danger from a coyote, residents should call 911.

[Get more information about coyotes and how to prevent attacks at this link].

  1. Right, coyotes can be spotted in any county these days. A couple of weeks ago I saw one in my neighbors yard in Westland. (Cowan and Mohawk) It was able to jump chain link fencing to enter another yard.

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