By: Evan Jankens

Many people actually believed the Lions offense would be better without star WR Calvin Johnson. I wasn’t one of those people. Throughout the season people still thought Matthew Stafford had become a better QB without Johnson. Yet again, I like to disagree.

Without a deep threat, the Lions struggled against the best teams in the NFL.

Calvin’s former teammate, Nate Burleson, talked with TMZ while in Houston for Super Bowl LI made what could be one final plea for the receiver to return to the NFL.

First off he was asked about QB Matthew Stafford and said “he hasn’t been struggling” and “he had a great season.” He went on to then reach out to his boy, “Hey Megastron, Calvin it’s your boy, Nate B, Recepticon, hey come back to the NFL we need you. enough with “Dancing with the Stars,” I like the move, I like the way you groove on the field.”

Burleson also asked if former Seattle Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch would also come back to the NFL.

Do you see any way that Calvin Johnson would ever come out of retirement?

  1. If Calvin Johnson would come back he would have a year out of the game, he would be freshened up with no hits to his body and be maybe better in the physical sense, but you can also look at it and say he’s a year removed he can be a little rusty but I personally believe that with the stars we have added in Marvin Jones and Anqaun Boldin he will be a better threat because Matthew Stafford has experienced a full year of spreading the ball around and finding ways to get to the playoffs without the long bomb threat always there. But with both those elements combined I think we would have a chance at the playoffs and maybe getting our receiver back for a long time.

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