By: Evan Jankens

There is a time and a place for the Michigan and Michigan State football rivalry trash talk — The time is always, and the place is anywhere you’re around friends who support the other team.

Thursday afternoon, SB Nation posted a story about Michigan State recruit Mustafa Khaleefah. The story is, “Meet Michigan State’s Mustafa Khaleefah, who learned the rules of football by playing Madden after escaping Iraq.”

It’s a good story that talked about how Khaleefah was able to move from Iraq at the age of 9 with his family that originated from

Of course since the story was tweeted, some people just don’t know how to act on Twitter or behave when it comes to the rivalry.

The Twitter account that originated this awful comment is now protected but when you put something on the Internet it will live forever.

SB Nation then tweeted out the story again Friday afternoon and once again fans decided to go after one another.

twitterss Twitter Trolls Attack MSUs Mustafa Khaleefah Over Name, Iraqi Heritage

Why do people think they can hide behind their key board to spew such hate? There needs to be a Twitter jail or maybe Twitter hate and threats should land people in real jail.


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