KALAMAZOO (AP) — Hundreds of people took part in new western Michigan protests of President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country.

Crowds gathered Sunday at a Kalamazoo park and at the entrance to Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.

Kalamazoo resident Nancy Hammoudah said at the rally she believed it was dehumanizing to only talk about Muslims such as herself in terms of national security.

Protesters lined the streets outside the Grand Rapids airport, chanting and holding signs with slogans such as “No Wall, Try Love.” At least one Trump supporter was at the demonstration, holding a sign that said “Clueless Demonstrators on Parade.”


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  1. I wish all the protestors would take the same amount of time, energy and money to help those that are homeless and needy in our cities as they do protesting a 90 day partial limit on those entering our country. Our citizens need you to spend time for and with them!

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