By: Evan Jankens

If Dominic Mirabella of Royal Oak wasn’t a New England Patriots fan before the kickoff of Super Bowl 51, he definitely is now.

Using an app called FourPlay Football, Mirabella was able to win $1 million with the New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 overtime win. In order to win the $1 million he had to have successful picks against the spread in four games a week throughout the 17 weeks of the regular and then had to pick games through the playoffs as well, a total of 81 games.

Mirabella did have to use a life line as he had to buy a “late picker power up” after he failed to make his move on time in week 3. Even though he did the “late picker power up” it was chosen at random and he still managed to go 4 for 4.

According to The Detroit News:

Mirabella, a financial planner, said retirement was not an option and that he would be going to work on Monday. Managing windfalls is part of the business, but not a task he will handle himself. He will work with his own financial advise4r — “you’re too emotional with your own money,” he said when asked why he doesn’t manage the windfall himself — and hopes to both grow the winnings and donate some to his favorite charities.

I’m sure that the Birmingham-based FourPlay Football will have plenty of new users once they read this story.


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