DETROIT (WWJ) – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick doesn’t think he owes the city a dime for his crimes.

A federal judge ordered Kilpatrick to pay $1.6 million in restitution following his 2013 conviction for extortion, bribery, conspiracy and other crimes, saying that was essentially the amount of money the ex-mayor profited from during his racketeering scheme.

However, in recent court filings, Kilpatrick is arguing that he shouldn’t have to repay the city any money because it’s impossible to determine exactly how much damage he caused the taxpayers. He’s asking a judge to reduce the court-ordered restitution or eliminate it completely.

“It’s a rather complicated formula but the feds say that they believe the restitution amount is right,” said WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton. “They subtracted bids from the unsuccessful bidders which were bidding on projects done by Bobby Ferguson, who was also convicted in this case.”

Ultimately a judge will have to decide if the restitution amount is appropriate.

Kilpatrick, who received a 28-year prison sentence, is scheduled to be released in 2037 when he’s 67 years old. Some supporters believe he didn’t get a fair trial, while others say 28 years is simply more time than he deserves for his crimes.

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  2. He should pay the restitution owed and all his pay that he received and room and board while he is in prison for cheating the wonderful people in Detroit! (I hope they have all his assets frozen so Detroit can get it’s money back)

  3. Bob White says:

    Rot in he11, you fat boot lip.

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