By: Evan Jankens

I’m not one to share anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, a PlayStation controller or a girl I am dating.

I don’t know many men who would want to share their lady … but there’s this guy.

Emily Bulea, 20, from Goleta, California has a boyfriend but who hasn’t stopped her from dating “sugar daddies.”

According to, Bulea wouldn’t be able to continue going to school if she wasn’t going out with the so-called “sugar daddies” and her boyfriend Jack is OK with the situation. “We are all in college, like it’s very expensive, everyone is trying to eat,” her 20-year-old boyfriend said.

She started meeting these men after she signed up for the website after she and her friends had joked about the idea.

‘I have gotten invites to exclusive clubs, artist passes to events, music festivals, things like that,’ she said.

‘With the money I’ve bought a drone, I have a lot of dresses and they are usually around $300 a dress. I bought a $500 bra made from Swarovski crystals.’

Because of this story I have also found out that term used for girls who go out with these rich men is “sugaring.” Bulea met her now boyfriend Jack and had only gone out with him a few times before she started “sugaring.”

‘It was getting difficult to explain why I was never free to go out on a Friday,’ she joked. ‘He was really shocked when I first told him. We had just gone to the gym and I sat him down on the bench and I told him that I had a date that day.

Believe it or not there are rules for “sugaring” and Emily’s consists of only meals and drinks that are in public and you aren’t even allowed to get a little kiss from her (allegedly, but then what are these guys paying for?). One man tried to grab her butt, she said, and “those guys I don’t ever talk to again,” Bulea claimed.

The one take away I have from this is the fact that she is using the money on dresses and crystal bras. If she was doing this for college tuition, then why is she blowing her cash on $500 bras? Better yet, who even know you could buy a $500 bra?


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