DETROIT (WWJ) – A teacher is suing Detroit Public Schools for retaliating against her for reporting contaminated water in her school building.

Katrina Brown was also a union rep at John R. King Elementary when she says she was unjustly disciplined, harassed and transferred to another school after pointing out high copper and lead levels in the drinking water.

“Students were drinking contaminated water, and my own blood levels for copper were high,” Brown said in a statement. “If my levels were high, how is it affecting the small children at the school? As a teacher and as union rep, it was my duty to speak up for the health of our students and staff.”

Brown and her attorney, Shanta Driver, are scheduled to outline their case during an afternoon press conference Tuesday.

“This is exactly what happened in Flint. People who spoke up about the contaminated water were intimidated and threatened. A few of them were brave enough to keep speaking up until they were heard. Katrina is doing the same thing for Detroit. The school board must act to stop a repeat of Flint in Detroit,” said Driver.

District officials have yet to comment on the lawsuit, which is seeking a public apology, Brown’s record cleared and job reinstated, and unspecified compensation for lost hours and wages.


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