JERUSALEM (AP) — In an embarrassment to the Israeli government, only five of 11 NFL players have arrived on a sponsored trip aimed at improving the country’s image.

The ministry for strategic affairs and public diplomacy issued an press release after the Super Bowl boasting that the visit would bring “influencers” who would serve as “goodwill ambassadors” when they returned home.

The announcement led Seattle Seahawks defense lineman Michael Bennett to pull out. He accused the government of trying to use him for PR purposes and cited sympathy for the Palestinians. Several others players followed suit.

Rambam hospital spokesman David Ratner says Wednesday that only five players arrived for a planned visit to the hospital. The ministry declined to comment.

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  1. Not Israel’s loss. These pituitary cases are apparently not bright enough to realize how they are being used by the forces of “Anti-Zionism” while they whine in moral outrage about feeling used by Israel. In terms of “goodwill”, they rank right up there with the athletes who refused to ride on buses with Jews or shake the hands of their Israeli counterparts during the last Olympic games. Let’s see if their fine moral turpitude extends to them refusing to visit countries like Russia (which currently occupies the Crimea and the Ukraine) or China (which occupies Tibet) or even the Palestinian territories which commit terror against random Jews on a daily basis–or any of the many majority Muslim countries that oppress whole groups of people as part of everyday culturally accepted policy (LGBT people and women) and which, to this day, actively practice slavery.

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