By: Evan Jankens

ESPN host Paul Finebaum went on a rant Thursday afternoon about Jim Harbaugh hiring a recruit’s father as a coach.

Jim Harbaugh clapped back at Finebaum the same night with a tweet in which he not only got Finebaum’s name wrong and called him “Pete” (which he probably did on purpose), but also advised him to get his facts straight.

The coach they’re arguing about is Michael Johnson, who is the coach of the top dual-threat QB in the nation, Michael Johnson Jr.

The next morning it did look like Finebaum had his facts wrong as the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Johnson has instead taken a job at the University of Oregon.

All signs had pointed to Johnson, Harbaugh’s former QB coach while he was with the San Diego Chargers, as a coach at Michigan, but facts are facts, right? Oh shoot, there are alternative facts now, too. Maybe in this case it’s that early reports are just that — reports — until the hiring is made official.


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