Tremaine Neverson, AKA Trey Songs. (Booking photo)

Tremaine Neverson, AKA Trey Songs. (Booking photo)

DETROIT (AP) — Singer Trey Songz has declined to accept an offer that would have reduced a felony assault charge stemming from a concert appearance in Detroit to a misdemeanor.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, was arraigned via video Friday in Wayne County Circuit Court from Los Angeles.

The newspaper reports that the plea offer remains open. It also would place the 32-year-old Songz on two years’ probation as part of his sentencing.

Songz was charged in December with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer. Authorities said microphones and speakers were thrown from the Joe Louis Arena stage. A police sergeant also was punched.

Police have said the singer became upset when told to end his performance.

The case is heading to trial.


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  1. If I was Neverson I would take the plea assaulting a police officer is a serious crime. It isn’t a crime just agains the officer but of everything the officer represents. It isn’t just a uniform that the man is wearing, he is the peoples protection from those who wish to do them harm. We as the people should not even give a plea to a man who thinks its ok to harm those who protect us. If we the American people allow our officers to be hurt and do nothing we show how much we care about our own safety. A plea should not be an option to anyone who thinks its ok to put their hands on the man and woman who protect us. Those man die for us and we give pleas to those who hurt them. However we still expect them to protect us event tho we fail to punish those who hurt them.

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