By: Evan Jankens

NFL free agency is set to kick off on Thursday at 4 p.m. Right now free agents have nothing to do but wait, so in order to kill their free time you think they’d hit up the golf course, have a nice meal with family and friends or maybe, just maybe decide to call into the Valenti and Foster show and prank Mike Valenti.

That’s exactly what Green Bay Packers free agent guard T.J. Lang did Tuesday afternoon.

Valenti and Foster were having a discussion about what people want to hear on their radio, whether it’s hardcore sports or maybe some every-man topics.

Lang called in as ‘Peter’ from his cell phone and first off declared that players shouldn’t take less money and then wanted to know if Mike prefers cannolies or tiramisu.

Lang is a friend of the Valenti and Foster show and has appeared multiple times. Maybe he is just sitting by the phone waiting for that massive $100 million offer and had to kill some spare time. Regardless, it’s funny Mike had no idea it was his good buddy T.J. Lang on the other end of the line.


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