(WWJ) A family was forced in Detroit to take drastic measures to get out of their home when it caught fire early Friday on West Euclid, near Linwood and Delaware.

The fire started in an upstairs kitchen in the duplex, and trapped a 13-year-old boy, who was forced to jump out the window.

Neighbor Joseph Harris tried to help the boy. “I tried to break the fall, me and this other guy,” he said. “But by the time I made it to him, he had jumped, and I can’t run because I’ve got bad knees.”

He added: “I said ‘jump man, jump! He’s a big kid, he’s almost 6 feet.”

Five people escaped, four of whom were taken to the hospital, including a 5-day-old baby. None of the injuries was life threatening.

The home appeared to not have working smoke detectors, reported WWJ’s Charlie Langton.






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