By Allen Foster

It’s your anniversary! You’ve got dinner reservations at that posh new eatery—the ritzy one that takes reservations several weeks in advance—and tickets to the theater. It’s going to be a perfect night. Nothing could possibly dampen the mood as you celebrate 10 wonderful years of wedded bliss with your best friend and partner.

“Honey, did you remember to lock the door?”

“I wasn’t the last one out. You were.”

You play back every detail in your head, recreating the evening’s exodus. But it’s fruitless. You were both so excited for your special night out that locking up just wasn’t something either of you were paying any attention to. If you head back home to check the front door now, you’ll miss your dinner reservations and be late for the show. The hot dread of realization floods your chest and with a sinking feeling, you become certain that neither one of you attended to the lock.

You reach into your pocket, pull out your smart phone, tap the screen a few times and declare, “No worries, dear. We’re good!” Then you return to what’s important, enjoying your perfect, worry-free night out with the one you love.

As you can see by the previous example, converting your outdated pin-tumbler locks to a keyless security system offers far more benefits than simply not needing to burden yourself with an extra 1/4 ounce of cumbersome weight in your pocket every time you leave your home. By adding smart technology with home automation, you can protect your dwelling with a high-tech security system that you control remotely, so you can live a life of ease and confidence.

When you upgrade to a keyless security system, you can begin living a high-tech life of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Today’s systems bring the future to your doorstep by allowing you to manage your entire home with one custom-designed service that has been crafted to meet all of your family’s needs. Besides locking and unlocking the doors remotely, you can also monitor and control access to your home via live interior and exterior video feeds along with real-time alerts and messages. Additionally, you can regulate the temperature of your home and adjust your lighting from anywhere at any time with your smartphone or tablet.

Just some of the many things you can do with your keyless security system include screening visitors at your entranceways, monitoring your swimming pool, keeping an eye on your home and family, and fully optimizing your energy usage to make your home as green as possible.

With a keyless home security system, you no longer have to hide keys outside (where burglars can easily find them) for emergencies. You won’t need to duplicate countless keys for family members, friends and neighbors, who just end up losing or misplacing them anyway. You can even assign temporary access to trusted individuals (contractors, dog walkers, repairmen) and know exactly when they enter your home via a text message or email.

So, the answer to the first part of the question is, “Yes, your home can easily become keyless.” For the second part, however, you need to answer that yourself. Do you want to take advantage of smart technology to provide added safety and convenience to your home, your valuables, and your family? If so, then you definitely should make the move to keyless.


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