(WWJ) Officials at Busch’s Markets say they’ve stopped their food production at a kitchen facility in Clinton, Mich., after a routine state inspection found listeria.

The inspection at the Central Kitchen found the bacteria on floors and in drains.

A spokesperson for the grocery chain says the baked goods and deli items prepared there were not affected — because the listeria was only found on non-food surfaces. Listeria is a bacteria that can cause fever, muscle aches and intestinal upset. In the worst case scenario, it is deadly.

The Central Kitchen in Clinton creates some baked goods and deli items for the store that are distributed to other Busch’s Market locations. Per the Ann Arbor News, employees were told certain ingredients, and finished products and those in progress, were destroyed.

Since the listeria was found on non-food contact surfaces, stores that may have received products from the Central Kitchen and customers of those stores are not impacted, Busch’s spokeswoman Marla Booth said.

The kitchen is closed as remediation teams work to clean-up the contamination.

“We don’t have a timeline yet as to when we will reopen,” Booth told the Ann Arbor News. “We want to be absolutely certain we can restart production and guarantee everything meets the high standard we find acceptable.”


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