(WWJ)¬†You’re going to be seeing nearly four dozen big billboards around Detroit with one single message.

It’s about murder.

The billboards all carry the message “Thou shall not kill.”

The people behind the message want criminals to pay attention.

“We have to speak, there is the question ‘What do you think it’s going to do,’ well we hope it will speak to a consciousness, we hope these shooters who keep turning around seeing this ¬†billboard, this message, will think ‘I’ve got to stop,'” said Pastor Ovella Davis.

“If nothing else, just know there is opposition stacking against it, and that’s what we had to do, at the least.”

They’re holding prayer rallies and billboard dedication ceremonies simultaneously at all 46 locations at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 22.

It’s a unified effort of local churches, the UAW, and funeral homes, who partnered with Ovella and The United Communities of America.



Comments (3)
  1. And also, “Love your enemies. And pray for those that persecute you.” ~Matthew 5:44

  2. James Duff says:

    The billboards will be shot up they do not care about the commandments

  3. People ask why there is such a lost in morality. I would have to say that it is due to the insensitivity to God’s commandments. This is one of the “Ten Commandments” and a reflection of God’s overall nature or character. I agree with the billboards whole-heatedly. If they are shot up then someone is touching a nerve. Good!

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