(97.1 The Ticket) Say what you will about him, Jim Harbaugh isn’t shy. Intense, sure, too enthusiastic for his own good, manic — possibly — but he’s definitely not a shrinking violet.

He also lacks that certain something that makes people stop and second guess, “Will this make me look dumb?”

Undeterred by any sense of self-consciousness, Harbaugh posed goofily inside a cardboard mock up of Russell Crowe from the movie ‘Gladiator.”

As his wife pushed and pulled his face like it was made of putty, Harbaugh quoted lines from the movie. He did it so perfectly that we had to wonder how many times he’s actually watched this particular film.

“I’m the loyal servant of the true emperor Marcus Aurelius,” he said, as the cameras surrounding him clicked away. “I’m the father of a murdered son, the husband of a murdered wife and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next.”

Wow, Jim, calm down. We guess he came there to eat pizza¬†and quote “Gladiator,” and he had just run out of pizza.

This marks the latest stop in Harbaugh’s trip to Italy, where he’s gifted the pope with a pair of Michigan-themed Jordans, played paint ball, ate tons of Italian food, and even carved out some time to coach football practice.





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