(WWJ) His eyes told the story.

They were full of sadness when Eastwood, a soft and gingery Labrador retriever mix, was the only stray animal left behind after an epic empty the shelter day event. Every other dog and cat at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society found a forever home.

Eastwood, with eye surgery in his past, a knee problem on one side and a congenital deformity of another leg, sat in his kennel and watched all 49 other animals at the shelter leave. No one wanted him.

But his story changed dramatically when the shelter posted a sad photo of Eastwood alone at the shelter, hoping for a family, and it went viral. Eastwood was featured on local TV news, and his photo was shared hundreds of times.

Now the shelter is switching gears from a desperate search for a family for Eastwood to combing through dozens of applications to choose the cream of the crop.

“We’ve had 70 applications since yesterday afternoon, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing, we’ve had probably 80 calls this morning,” said a happy Jane Balmer, Little Traverse Bay pet therapist. It just been people linking to other people and the social media has just been unbelievable.”

Eastwood, a 71-pound sweetie who loves to run, spend time with people and other dogs, has at least a couple more surgeries in his future. His eye surgery will probably require a follow up surgery, Balmer said, and two legs will probably require treatment. Vet bills could be as high as $5,000

He’s active and doesn’t seem to be in any pain, Balmer said. At only 18 months old, he has plenty of years of love to give.

“(We’re looking for) a¬†home with a nice, fenced yard and people that are willing and can financially afford to take care of his medical needs,” Balmer said.




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