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Safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace, especially when working in loading, construction, and performing other “heavy-duty” jobs. The attached YouTube videos give some cringeworthy examples when the best of on-the-job intentions went miserably wrong. Be sure to check them out to see some terrible mistakes you won’t ever want to repeat.

Be Careful Where You Stand and Other Construction Fails

This nine-minute-plus clip titled “Ultimate Bad Day at Work Compilation,” reminds us of some very important safety rules including don’t stand on the platform you’re sawing through; those window-washing style baskets can actually pitch you out like a giant slingshot launching a boulder (yes, that’s right, you’re the boulder!); and oh, if you wake up to find your mailbox ripped out of the ground, it just may be the angry garbage man who did it. Lesson: Don’t fill your trash can in a rant-inducing way, duh!

Watch the “Ultimate Bad Day at Work Compilation Video” here.

Who Needs a Fire Extinguisher, Anyway?

In this next compilation, titled, “25 Extreme Safety Fails!!”, several fire extinguisher faux pas are highlighted, including one that is hung on the wall, padlocked behind a metal -grid enclosure, an extinguisher case that houses a cartoon drawing where the real one used to be, one that houses a water bottle, and one that is suspended high in the air on a metal pole. We can’t see fighting too many fires with those. Other jaw-dropping fails in this series include a Metro bus touting the slogan “Safety begins with you” on the side, while it’s crashed into a parked car and a proud family of five riding a single motorbike.

Watch the “25 Extreme Safety Fails!!” video here.

Impossible Ladders and Other Workplace Calamities

Several “stacked” or “stretched” ladders are featured throughout the head-shaking collection of photos in this video clip called “Funny Workplace Safety Fails.” Climbing one ladder is scary enough, then try putting one ladder on top of another and standing at the very top. The slightest “shake” could send someone tumbling down. Then there’s the ladder that is supported by someone’s arms, instead of solid ground. One of these photos shows two legs of a ladder balanced on a step in the middle of a staircase, while a worker supports the other two legs. A guy is on the ladder patching walls, no less. Shiver, shiver!

Here’s a great safety tip: If you’re tasked with shoveling snow off the roofs and peaks of an apartment building, try not to dump the snow from your shovel onto the guy who’s doing the same job one level below. Talk about giving someone the cold shoulder!

Speaking of building maintenance, something tells us it’s probably not too safe to wash or access exterior windows while standing in the back of a flatbed truck that is dangling from a big construction crane – over some palm trees. If you’re lucky, maybe the branches might break your fall.

Watch the “Funny Workplace Safety Fails” video here.



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