LANSING (WWJ) РThe House Law and Justice Committee heard testimony on a package of bills addressing female genital mutilation (FGM) Tuesday morning.

One of the bill sponsors, State Representative Michele Hoitenga, says her bill prohibits the practice and provides penalties.

“There is no medical reason for FGM. The practice occurs for a combination of reasons based on cultural, social and religious practices,” said Hoitenga.

State Representative Beth Griffin says the bill would ensure that victims have civil remedy until they’re 28 years old.

“The victim can recover three-times the amount of any actual damages, plus non-economic damages; such as pain and suffering and inconvenience, as well as reasonable attorney fees and costs,” adds Griffin.

Two southeast Michigan doctors and a third person were charged with female genital mutilation of two seven-year old girls from Minnesota.

Comments (2)
  1. State Representative Beth Griffin, so you’d be OK with FGM if there were medical reasons or benefits?

  2. The same is true for boys: no medical indication or benefits that stand up to scientific scrutiny. When we protect all children, not just girls, we will live up to our constitutional equal protection laws.

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