DETROIT (WWJ) – A music video shoot in Detroit goes awry after Detroit police roll up on the scene believing it was a carjacking in progress.

Police say they received several calls Saturday afternoon of what appeared to be a carjacking of an Aston Martin on Six Mile Road in Detroit.

When police arrived, the men explained they were shooting a music video. Police say they had no record of permits to film, so officers thought it was an actual robbery and started shooting at two men who appeared to be holding guns.

Fortunately, none of the three shots fired by police hit anyone.

Officers took all three men involved in the music video into custody and are investigating.

Comments (17)
  1. Whew! Dodged a bullet on that one!

  2. porchhound says:

    I guess the cameras and the set went unnoticed by the cops!!

    1. They don'[t pay much attention to cell phone usage any more.

  3. Glenn M says:

    I dont know whether to be thrilled no one was shot or hurt, or disgusted that the police are such bad shots…..

    1. Henry Bowman says:

      Didn’t you read the article? It was “fortunate!” Detroit is “fortunate” to have police who are unqualified, incompetent, and fast to resort to their guns. That’s the story, and they’re sticking to it.

  4. Let me guess – country and western music video, right? 🙄

    1. Joe Schmoes says:

      Exactly. And the actors were Amish. :)

  5. The level of pure stupidity on all sides in this one is breathtaking.
    1. Dear filming fools, when the cops show up at your unpermited video shoot, Step 1 is first and foremost Put Down the Guns! Fake or otherwise. Put them on the ground and step back. This is not rocket science. Don’t appear to be holding a gun until the situation is resolved.
    2. Dear Police, if you roll up on a “crime scene” and the supposed perpetrators are talking to you about making movies and permits and such, don’t start shooting. You are dealing with idiots, not violent criminal masterminds. As much as we might wish otherwise you are not empowered to simply shoot idiots.
    At least in this case tragedy seems to have been averted due to the shear stupidity and incompetence of all involved, so call it a win?

    1. Keystone Kops! Must have been a remake of a Charlie Chaplin comedy!

  6. Police fired three rounds and no one was hit, not even an innocent bystander.

    The cops involved should be fired.

  7. Tried viewing the video on Chrome. Saw seven advertisements. Same Travago ad played twice and exact same local tv ad played twice. Saw parts of a video of a man falling in a basement access street opening. Saw a man promoting some sort of management book. Never did see the video of the supposed carjacking.

  8. Too many trigger happy cops. Are they dropping the ball at police academies on proper firearm use.

    1. Who would want to be a cop anymore? They can’t win. Don’t be surprised when you get nervous, shoot first ask later cops in Detroit of all places, with a “staged” carjacking of an Aston Marten! The odds were that the cops were going to get killed during a botched car jacking. This outcome was inevitable – it could only go one way. I haven’t even seen the video, and I know what the whole situation looked like. Hoodrats, an Aston Martin with oversized wheels and two guys dropping “mf” bombs while hopping around point a gun into the car. Oh and the small nerdy guy filming the whole thing like that changes the whole situation. Lol. So glad I never have to step foot in Detroit.

  9. If you don’t have permits or authorization to be filming anything involving weapons in Detroit’s not a “photoshoot” it’s a crime and charges need to be filed.

    1. Henry Bowman says:

      So, what caliber of charges do they file in Detroit — 9mm or 40S&W?

  10. Vox Veritas says:

    Fear not; the cops went 0 for 3. They’re unable to hit the broad side of a broad.

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