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DETROIT (WWJ) – Father’s Day is almost here and locals in metro Detroit have already begun to prepare for the holiday.

A few local dads spoke on Friday about what they are hoping to receive this Father’s Day — with the presents ranging from socks to cars.

“You can’t go wrong with socks,” Nick Calvenso of Bloomfield told WWJ’S Sandra McNeill. “Socks and underwear, what can beat that? We are very simple individuals.”

Lance Beard of Southfield had a little higher expectations when it comes to his Father’s Day present. Beard is hoping to find a brand new car in his driveway on Sunday morning.

“$1 million of course, everybody wants that, and a Corvette,” Beard jokingly said. “I’ll probably get the Corvette. (I don’t have a rich son) but I’ll buy it for myself.”

Jim Cox of Dearborn said he wants to just spend time with kids and family but does remember one bad gift in particular.

“Multicolored socks that were a little gaudy,” Cox said. “I think they just disappeared at one point. I never got teased about them because I never wore them in public.”

Socks, underwear and ties might have been the traditional go-to gift for many but that doesn’t appear to be the obvious choice anymore. According to Twice, consumers will spend an estimated $1.8 billion in electronics and computer related wares this Father’s Day, which is a 5.9 percent increase from last year. Consumer electronics now rank fourth behind special outings like dinner or brunch ($3.3 billion), clothing ($2.2 billion) and gift cards ($2.2 billion) for Father’s Day expenditures.

Stefan Boushon of Bloomfield Hills isn’t looking for any special electronic gadgets this Father’s Day but simply wants to spend it with those close to him.

“I just want some good weather because we are having the whole family over, and just everybody be healthy and happy,” Boushon said. “(I do have to grill) on Sunday and my grill is in pieces right now so I need to put that thing together and get everything ready for Sunday.


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