Bishop Edgar Vann, Police

DETROIT (WWJ) – A local pastor says he had a scary run-in with police in downtown Detroit this week.

Bishop Edgar Vann of the Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit says he was pulled over by an officer after making a left turn onto Woodward. From there things escalated with the officer eventually taking his gun out.

“I’m a police commissioner, I was just leaving police commission meetings so I’m in full compliance,” said Van, who is a member of the Board of Police Commissioners. “I rolled down my windows and to my surprise as he approached my vehicle he pulled out his gun, put his finger in the trigger and put the gun in his chest. That is normally a tactical move for a felon.”

Vann said he complied fully with the officer, and ironically was leaving a police commissioners meeting at the time of the traffic stop.

He added that the officer cited him for not having car insurance even though he handed over his proof of insurance during the stop.

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Arnold Williams responded to Vann’s inquiry, suggesting that the officer may have believed Vann fit the description of a suspect who had been involved in a violent crime.

“When a police officer gets a description of a person or vehicle who was involved in a violent felony, and someone they stop matches that description, the officer will take steps to ensure their safety,” Williams said in a press release.

According to that same press release, Vann doesn’t believe that could be the case and doesn’t understand how a mistake like that could be made.

“I’m over 60 years old with a suit and a tie on, and leaving my police commission meeting driving in downtown Detroit,” Vann told WWJ. “I’m assuming that he checked my license plate to assure that this car is not stolen and that I am not wanted for anything.”


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