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DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s hot outside, but once inside you’ll often hear people complain of it being too cold. And the complaint is usually from women. Through some research we know why this happens.

Dr. Renee Horowitz, an obstetrician/gynecologist with Beaumont Hospital, said women have higher core body temperatures compared to men. These higher core body temperatures result in women experiencing more of the effects from a cool temperature.

“With higher core body temperatures you would think we’d stay warmer but when we get exposed to the cold it can feel even colder,” Horowitz told WWJ’s Deanna Lites.

Another factor that plays a role is that women have a slower metabolism than men. Horowitz explains how a higher metabolic results in your body heating up quicker.

“Men’s metabolic rate is 23 percent higher then women, and the higher metabolic rate the faster your body heats up,” Horowitz said.

During these hot summer months many will have their air conditioning cranked up so Horowitz recommends dressing in layers and to keep a scarf or sweater nearby. It also doesn’t hurt to bring a jacket with you as well when you go out to eat, to the movies or any other similar event.


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