If you follow the NBA then you know Kevin Durant’s story. Left Oklahoma City to join Golden State last summer, got a lot of backlash from fans, media and former teammates, had a great season and dominated in the finals to win his first career NBA championship and Finals MVP.

Along the way to his recent NBA Finals success was the term “cupcake” that former teammate Russell Westbrook created for Durant. Westbrook tweeted a photo of cupcakes — which became a term used by Kendrick Perkins towards “soft” players on the Thunder — the day Durant announced he’d be leaving the Thunder and from there it became a taunt towards Durant.

The cupcake term became popular for those looking to taunt Durant, especially on social media, and even got to a level of Thunder fans chanting it throughout the game when Durant returned to Oklahoma City for the first time. Well it looks like Durant is getting the last laugh now.

If winning a championship wasn’t good enough, Durant showcased his own kind of cupcake on a hat he was wearing to Javale McGee’s annual celebrity softball game on Saturday.

Instead of a cherry Durant added a championship ring to the top of the cupcake. Enough said.

As I said above, it looks like Durant got the last laugh as I’m sure this whole cupcake thing will be going away now.

  1. zinnsand21 says:

    A cupcake with a championship ring on top… Instead of honoring the man for sacrificing many years of his basketball life for OKC, the franchise, players and fans insulted and belittled him.. That hat represents a giant bag of s**t left on each and every OKC player and fan’s doorstep. He who laughs last laughs best…

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