By Dr. Deanna Lites

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – You’ve been planning the destination, bought the new outfits and packed the sunscreen — summer is here and it’s when many of us take off for vacation.

And when we return there’s a good chance we’re packing more than just souvenirs — many of us pick up a pound or two along the way.

WWJ health reporter Dr. Deanna Lites has some advice to avoid gaining weight while on vacation.

While the average American vacation lasts just four to five days – it’s enough time and diversion from our routine to have a negative effect on our weight.

Grace DeRocha is a registered dietitian with Blue Cross Blue Shield – she says you can blame the weight gain on what she calls vacation mind.

“You eat whatever you want and you have fun and you enjoy it,” says DeRocha.

“People are drinking more but also they aren’t in control of what they are eating most of the time because they are dining out at restaurants,” she says.

But during that time — the average American will gain about a pound.

She encourages people to incorporate the terms ‘baked’ and ‘grilled’ or ‘broiled’ into their meal planning vocab. “You are getting the healthy food not adding extra calories on with the cooking method.”

When it comes to ordering food keep in mind that alcohol can add a lot of calories that you may not be counting so if you want a cocktail consider skipping dessert or vice versa.

And stay active: sightseeing can burn more than 200-calories an hour while walking on the beach burns almost twice as many calories as walking on a flat surface.



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