DETROIT (WWJ) – A 27-year-old woman has been arrested following an alleged attack on a police officer after a traffic stop in Detroit.

Authorities said the incident happened shortly after 12 a.m. Thursday on Clifford Street, near Livernois, as the officer was assisting other police with an investigation.

According to Detroit Police Commander Whitney Walton, a family on a porch began to yell at the cops. Police then had to use force to stop a man who ran at the officers, fists clenched. While he was being handcuffed, Walton said a woman ran off the porch, telling police to leave her son alone.

The woman then approached an officer from behind, Walton said, and shocked him in the arm with a Taser.

She then took off running, with police in pursuit. They were able to catch her, cuff her and recover the Taser as well as a can of pepper spray she was carrying, according to police.

“You should never interfere with an officer doing their jobs,” Walton said. “You observe a traffic stop, if you think there’s something wrong you can report that after.”

“You know, you can use a phone, you can film it if you think there’s something, but rushing up on an officer…officers don’t know what’s happening,” she added. “If you rush up and you’re not involved, you never know what could happen.”

The officer shocked by the Taser is OK. The woman is jailed pending charges. Her name was not immediately released.

Walton said police are investigating this incident, as well as the use of force on the man who was arrested. Police will view footage from body cameras.


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