By Dr. Deanna Lites

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – When it comes to birthdays most of us think of cake and celebrations.

But if you find that you feel sad on or around your birthday you’re not alone.

It turns out many folks do feel some depression around their birthday reports WWJ Health Reporter Dr. Deanna Lites.

External pressures can be a factor in those birthday blues as well, says Carrie Krawiec family therapist with the Birmingham Maple Clinic.

“You’re sort of reflecting on the year and maybe thinking ‘I haven’t accomplished what I thought I was going to accomplish in this year,” says Krawiec. “And then when you add on this culture we live in — somehow we are not supposed to age. That also puts extra pressure on ourselves – each birthday then becomes this source of dread, as opposed to something to be proud of and excited about.”

Krawiec says reflect on what you did accomplish over the past year … and if you didn’t reach a goal take some time to re-evaluate and make a new plan of action.


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