DEARBORN (WWJ) – Dearborn police are looking for a pair of suspects wanted for alleged “ATM skimming” in at least three Detroit area communities.

skimming2 2 Wanted For ATM Skimming In Canton, Dearborn, Garden City

ATM skimming person of interest (Photo: Dearborn police)

The City of Dearborn, along with numerous other communities, have seen an increase in ATM skimming crimes — during which devices are attached to ATMs or gas pumps which are designed to steal victims’ account information when they insert their credit or debit cards.

The skimmer records the account number on the card, police say, and ultimately the crooks are able to withdraw funds from the account holder.

“Oftentimes there’s a small portion of the skimming device that protrudes from the slot where you would insert your ATM card,” explained Dearborn Police Commander Ron Beggs. “They typically slide them right in there, right into the slot. So it’s a very, very narrow device. It looks like a piece of metal kind of and is sort of shaped like the insert.”

In most instances, police say the device is only attached to the automated device for a short period of time, then it is removed to avoid suspicion.

atm skimming 2 Wanted For ATM Skimming In Canton, Dearborn, Garden City

ATM skimming persons of interest. (Photo: Dearborn police)

Dearborn police have seen two recent cases involving the same suspect and it is believed he is also linked to incidents in Garden City and Canton Twp. There are two persons of interest, police said, and it appears they are working together and are both responsible for multiple crimes in the Metro Detroit area.

They may be driving a first generation (2002-2007) Nissan Murano silver in color and possibly another dark colored unknown vehicle.

Citizens are urged to use caution when using credit/debit cards at any automated machine and if anything appears suspicious please call the police immediately.

Anyone with information about call Dearborn police at  313-943-2242.


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