Detroit Mass Mob, St. Hyacinth, Metro Detroit, Catholics

DETROIT (WWJ) — A mass mob planned for this weekend will not only unite Catholics, but also help those in need.

The mass mob heads to Detroit’s Poletown neighborhood at St. Hyacinth parish with the mass dedicated to the mob’s founder, Anna Marie Barnes.

“The idea of the mass mob is to gather Catholics from all over Metro Detroit to these beautiful churches we have to familiarize them with the beauty of them as well as to help support us and our neighborhood,” said Mike Smigielski, event coordinator at St. Hyacinth. “Our church in particular, St. Hyacinth, what we are doing is we are taking a collection for the needy in the area and we are going to donate it to St. Vincent de Paul.”

Detroit Mass Mobs have drawn as many as 2,000 people in the past. The objective is so to bring together Catholics to one specific parish in Detroit and showcase the historic churches.

Mass is planned for 11:15 a.m. on Sunday. Afterwards they plan to have a social gathering for people to stay and talk about their memories in the neighborhoods.

St. Hyacinth is located near East Warren Avenue and McDougall Street on Detroit’s east side.

For more information on this weekend’s mass mob, visit

  1. the attached video has nothing to do with the Mass at St Hyacinth…Why is that?

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