By: Evan Jankens

All indications point to Kyrie Irving wanting out of LeBron James shadow in Cleveland. has posted “The five best and biggest Kyrie Irving trades we’d like to see.” Number one on the list is the Detroit Pistons and Andre Drummond.

Everything is based on the ESPN Trade Machine. The deal would involve the Pistons, Clippers and Cavaliers.

The Clippers would get Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson and a Pistons future first-round pick. Cleveland would get DeAndre Jordan and Reggie Jackson, and the Pistons would get Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson.

Any trade the Cavaliers do would have to include a point guard going to Cleveland. While Jackson is quite a downgrade from Irving, the Cavaliers would get a significant upgrade at center by replacing Thompson with Jordan. Jordan is one of the best centers in the game and would give the Cavaliers a much-needed rim-protector.

Detroit has been in need of an absolute superstar and with the Pistons moving Downtown, Irving would be that superstar who could put butts in the seats at Little Caesars Arena.

Detroit disappointed last season with only 37 wins. Some of that was attributed to bad team chemistry. Jackson, supposedly a culprit, would be shipped out while Detroit would get a superstar in Irving. Thompson could fill the void created by Drummond’s departure and Kyrie would get his wish of being the clear No. 1 option.

In my mind there is absolutely no way the Pistons will bring in Irving even though I would like to see it. I think this is nothing more than a pipe dream. Having said that, would you like to see the Pistons make a deal like this?


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